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Austin’s sweater in Road Trips & Reunions: Tri-Blend 3/4 Sleeve Raglan - $32.00 by American Apparel

Just to let you guys know that the new TBM merchandise I found will be posted tommorow

Ross’ sweater in the New Jersey show of the Dancing Out Of My Pants Tour: Piqué Raglan Pull Over - $32.00 by American Apparel

Requested By: Anonymous

Laura’s dress in a photo to promote Austin & Ally’s season 3: Short Dress In Jersey - $10.00 by H&M

Credit: Rossxlaura

Just to let you guys know that the new TBM merchandise I found will be posted until the next weekend

Teen Beach Movie Merchandise

Hey, I just found some new Teen Beach Movie Merchandise, and I wanted to know if you guys want me to post it or not since this is an Austin & Ally blog.

If you want me to, tell me if you want me to post it in two parts or one, because it is a lot of merch.

Thats all for now!

Have a good day/night!!


Ally’s dress in Road Trips & Reunions (Similar?): Beach Home Show Dress - Price Unavailabe by ModCloth

No Longer Available

Requested By: Vanessamm88

This costume was made for Radharocks, but feel free to use it if you like it!

Sweatshirt: RoyalPalms Beach Sweatshirt - €36.45 by Hollister

Cap: Vintage Ball Cap - €18.00 by Hollister

T-Shirt: Emerald Cove T-Shirt - €16.50 by Hollister

Dark Blue Jeans: Skinny Jean - €25.38 by American Eagle

Blue Jeans: Original Tapper Jean - €29.02 by American Eagle

Left Wig: Natural Looking Full Cap Hot Fashion Style Short Blond Straight  Hair Wigs For Mens Boys - $21.68 by Miimart.com

Right Wig: Dynamic Feeling  From Short Blonde 100% Indian Remy Hair Mens Wigs - $202.99 by FairyWigs.com

T-Shirt: Rocky Point Shine T-Shirt - €25.50 by Hollister

Leather Jacket: Mossimo Women’s Faux Leather Jacket W/ Studded Collar - $44.99 by Target

Sweatshirt: Woodson Mountain V-Neck T-Shirt - €29.25 by Hollister **Online Exclusive**

Dark Blue Jeans: Hi-Rise Jegging - €36.28 by American Eagle

White Jeans: Jegging - €25.38 by American Eagle

Shoes: Ross pretty much only wears converse, so just buy a pair and you’re ready to go. (I didn’t put a photo or link because I didn’t know which color you wanted them.)

Note: This costume includes a girl version, just in case you don’t want to wear guys clothes, so you have some clothes that are Ross’ style but for girls.

Austin’s shirt in Future Sounds & Festival Songs (Similar): Resitol  -Solid Button Down Shirt -Orange -  $26.99 by Pinto Ranch

More Similars:

Requested By: Radharocks