Hi There! I couldn’t find the exact pair but I found a few boots that are similar to it:

Hope It Helped!!

Anonymous asked: where does Austin get his high-tops?

He gets them from Vlado Footwear.

I was searching for a Trish’s T-shirt when I found a cardigan Ratliff wore.

Do you guys want me to post it?

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I’m not Austin either, and I still haven’t found out where he gets his suits; I don’t know if it helps but he gets most of his blazers at Aliexpress.com


Trish has multiple stores from where she gets her clothes, and because of that I still haven’t found out which one sells the sparkly ones. Also, I’m going to make a few chages on the blog, and I’m going to add a page with the stores the stylists use the most and the character that “belongs” to that store, so check the blog in January/end of December.


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Ally’s dress while performing I Love Christmas in Mix-Ups & Mistletoes: Starlight Sequin Tank Dress  - €26.00 by Tobi  **Sold Out**

There’s a similar one available at Wanelo for $49.90

Requested By: rausllychristmas

shotthoughts asked: Hey! Could you find Ally's striped pants from tonight's Christmas episode?

Already posted [x]

Anonymous asked: Silly Question I am asking for my girlfriends daughter-- where did Ally Get the white and red stripe pants from tonights show-12/1/13?? I would really appreciate if you can answe me-- it would mean a lot to her!! Thank you

Those pants are already posted [x]

Ally’s jeans in Mix-Ups & Mistletoes (Similar): Fancy Straight Mid-Rise Red and White Vertical Stripe Pants - $19.39 by dressyours.com

Requested By: Anonymous and shotthoughts

Still looking for exact

Anonymous asked: The Shoes From Austin And Ally President&Problem Are Sold Out Is There Another Source That I Can Find Those Shoes?

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Austin’s Outfit in Presidents & Problems: 

Belt: Punk/Rock/Emo White 3 Row Studded Leather Belt With Gold Studs - $18.00 by Amazon

Sneakers (Similar): Nike Dunk High Tops Batman Custome Sneakers Black Yellow - $85.88 by dunkclassic.com

Jacket (Similar): Men’s Beautiful White Biker Leather Jacket - $159.99 by LeatherJacketMaster.com

Pants: Men’s Mustard 519 Bedford Trousers - £150 by oki-ni.com 

Worn With: The Original - €39.00 (Necklace), Chrome Biker Wallet Chain - $23.00 (Wallet Chain), Fine Jersey Short Sleeve V-Neck - $21.00 (T-Shirt)

Requested By: Anonymous

The similar sneakers that Austin wore in this performance are sold out. However you still can purchase them here: [x]   [x]   [x]