Ross’ blue sweatshirt that he worn on Just Jared Junior article:

All Similar

Top One:

Drop-Shoulder Sweater - $54.00 by American Apparel

Middle One:

California Fleece Raglan - $40.00 by Americam Apparel

Bottom One:

Greatland Men’s Long Sleeve Triblend Tee - $9.98 - $15.99 by Target

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This sweater is now available at R5 Closet [x]

Ally’s Galaxy dress in Hunks & Homecomings:

Galaxy Print Bodycon Dress Tank Tops - $25.54 at

Also available at:

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Anonymous asked: do you have any trish costumes

I’m working on them!

I’m going to post them when we’re closer to Halloween :)

Austin’s sneakers in the Chasin’ The Beat Of My Heart Performance (Similar):

Air Jordan Max 5 Men - $66.99 at

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Piper’s sweater in Fashion Shows & First Impressions (Similar):

AE Stripped Hoodie T - $20-50 at Svpply

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Disney Channel Closet→

Here’s the link to my new Disney Channel Fashion blog. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi do you know about the disney fashion blog like is it starting today


Yes, it will be starting today, I’m just finishing some last minute details.

I will be posting the first post in about 30 minutes.

Similar peplum top to the one Ally is wearing in Glee Clubs & Glory:

Black With Rose Print Peplum Tube Top - $8.00 at Poshmark

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Similar rompers to the one Ally wore in Songwriting & Starfish:

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Ally’s top during the Me and You Performance in Hunks & Homecomings (Similar):

Lipsy Beaded Cami - £25.00 by Bank Fashion

Also available here for £22.50