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Ross’ black leather jacket that he worn as Austin for the season 3 photoshoot:

Both Similar

Top One:

Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket - £275.00 by Banana Republic

Bottom One:

Asos Leather Jacket - £125.00 by

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Anonymous asked: Hi there, I was wondering if Austin and Ally will be going on a tour? Also, I have always wanted a script of the show but as I live in the UK it's hard, have you any suggestions? I have always wanted to go to America and watch it and get to meet all of you. I am a boy who is 15 and love performing and I do Ballet,Tap, Modern,Freestyle,BreakDance,Contemporary.I also sing and act, I have done loads of shows being Chorus and Main Parts, but I was wondering if you have any advice you can give me.

Hi! I’m so sorry for only answering this now! I remember you sent this in February, and I didn’t answer it right away, because I had to go semewhere so I left it for later, and forgot. I just found this and I’m so so so so so so so sorry for only answering now.

Moving on to your question, I’m not related to Austin & Ally in any way. This is a fan-made blog, so I don’t know if Austin & Ally are going on a tour, but probably not. About the script part, sometimes there are scripts from Disney shows selling on eBay. I hope someday you get to see them in America!

About your performing all I have to say is for you to keep praticing and never give up, ‘cause with all of the performing abilities you have I’m pretty sure you can make it.

If you actually want to talk to someone related to the show, I would suggest tweeting the writers, the creators, the cast or Disney Channel. I’ll put the links down below:

Once again, I’m so sorry for only answering this now.

Austin’s leather jacket in the Season 1 Photoshoot (Similar?):

Handmade Men Zip Pocket Black Leather Jacket With Six Front Pockets - £119.00 by

Also Worn In: Rockers & Writers

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Anonymous asked: How Long The Hair Tutorials Is Going To Be Posted ?!

Hi Anon, I’ve already told everybody once that I would only post them when I have time, and I don’t know if you noticed this, but last month I haven’t been that much on tumblr, pretty much because I had all of my tests during that month and I also had class presentations to do, and when I got home I was so exausted that I couldn’t concentrate on this blog. 

Right now I’m on Spring break, so I’m gonna try to do some of the old requests, and then when I have time I will try to do some requests that I received since I closed the requests, and I’m also going to try to post a few hair tutorials.

Sorry if I sound rude, i really didn’t mean to.

Anonymous asked: Ross lynch's shirt he wore at the airport

Can you please specify?

Similar jackets to the one Austin was wearing during the I Think About You performance in Partners & Parachutes: 

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Trish’s zebra quinceanera dress in Club Owners & Quinceaneras: Pink Zebra Print Quinceaneras - $259.20 by Prom Dress Gown

This dress is no longer available in that website, but you can find it here for $199.00

You can also buy a different version of this dress.

Buy it at:

Or at

Ross’ T-shirt in a R5 interview for AwsomenessTV: NWT Hollister by Abercrombie Men’s New LA JO JOLLA T-Shirt Tee - $19.99 at Ebay

Austin’s Sneakers in Tunes & Trials (Similar?): Knight - $69.99 by Vlado Footwear

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