Anonymous asked: Hey. I just wanted to say I don't think trish's prom dress is the same as the one you posted. The one you posted has a sweet heart neck line and trish's had a one shoulder strap. It was very similar though!


I know it isn’t the exact dress, but the one I posted was the “thin/slim” size.

The one that Trish wore was that dress, but in the “plus” size, and I’ve already realized that some stores tend to do some changes on the “plus” sized clothing, like, for example, in the dress I posted the skirt was short, had a sweetheart neckline and it was strapless, while Trish’s dress had a longer skirt, the neckline was different and it had shoulder stripes, but it was still the same design that the stylist had wanted.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the “plus” size when I posted it, but I’ve been looking for it!

Anonymous asked: Yo Austin Where You Get Them Cool Kicks

Hey! Austin gets most of his shoes at Vlado.

Anonymous asked: Hi I want to know the top Ally was wearing in the episode Princesses and Prizes.

Can you please tell me in which scene?

Ally’s prom dress in Prom & Promises: 

COYA CL1220 - Price Unavailable by Coya

Also available:

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Trish’s prom dress in Proms & Promises:

Sparkly Jewel Beading Strapless Sweetheart Leopard Print Dress with Train - $177.00 by Prom Dress Line

Also available here

Piper’s prom dress in Prom & Promises: 

BLUSH Prom Dresses ** Fun & Sassy Pink & White Tie-dye Print Prom Dress - €240 by Unique Vintage

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Requested by: directioner-5sos

itsuniqueonikaross asked: Where does dez get his pants at.

He gets most of his pants at Loudmouth

Anonymous asked: Hi can i have a link to the disney fashion blog? Thanks!!!!


Here’s the link:

Laura’s necklace at the 2013 MTV’s Movie Awards:

Koovs Bow Chain Necklace - Rs.495 by

Ally’s peplum top in Eggs & Extraterrestrials:

Lightning Bolt Peplum Top - €14,14 by Nastygal