Ally’s prom dress in Prom & Promises: 

COYA CL1220 - Price Unavailable by Coya

Also available:

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Trish’s prom dress in Proms & Promises:

Sparkly Jewel Beading Strapless Sweetheart Leopard Print Dress with Train - $177.00 by Prom Dress Line

Also available here

Piper’s prom dress in Prom & Promises: 

BLUSH Prom Dresses ** Fun & Sassy Pink & White Tie-dye Print Prom Dress - €240 by Unique Vintage

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itsuniqueonikaross asked: Where does dez get his pants at.

He gets most of his pants at Loudmouth

Anonymous asked: Hi can i have a link to the disney fashion blog? Thanks!!!!


Here’s the link:

Laura’s necklace at the 2013 MTV’s Movie Awards:

Koovs Bow Chain Necklace - Rs.495 by

Ally’s peplum top in Eggs & Extraterrestrials:

Lightning Bolt Peplum Top - €14,14 by Nastygal

Anonymous asked: Jacket when Austin does not a love song

This is not the exact one, but its pretty similar


jacobadart asked: Hello! So I'm kind of new to tumblr but I've been through your blog once and I love it! I think you said that your requests were closed and I understand that, but could you help me with something? You said something about hair tutorials, and I wanted to know if you know anything about what kind of hair product Ross uses? I know this seems like a stupid question, but it would help! Also could you give me some brands Austin uses that I could find at a local mall? Thanks and have a good day/night!


I honestly don’t know if Ross uses any kind of hair product, but I don’t think he does.

Some brands that Austin uses that you could find at a mall are:

  • American Apparel
  • Vlado —-> Most of Austin’s shoes are from here
  • Banana Republic
  • Nordstom
  • River Island
  • New Look
  • Old Navy
  • Hollister —-> Even though Austin doesn’t own anything from this store, lots of the shirts and jeans are Austin style.

I’m not sure if you can find this stores at a mall,since I don’t live in America and most of this stores don’t exist in my country.

Hope I was able to help!

livytheduckling asked: Do you think you could post a picture of Dez when he was wearing a shirt that was green at the top and blue at the bottom and had a bunch of shapes on it with I believe a lion?

Does anybody know the name of the episode?

I can’t really picture what shirt you are talking about…